PPE Machtron Co., Ltd. Company Profile

PPE Machtron Co.,Ltd. , established in 2003 the Firm be expanded from Possaporn Engineering ( 2001 ) Ltd. Part.

The business concerned on engineering and technological equipment provider , fabrication and installation which mostly related to mechanical parts, electrical parts and corrosive protection coatings Product.

Since business growth up which better result shown high potential on engineering knowledge and strongly service team then the firm be expanded to medium size organization. As current status we have management level support team on Technical Sale Managements team, Operation Engineering team, Technical service team and Administrators office supportive team to delight our clients.

With Business strategy aim to be excellent in Technological Engineering and Service provider so that we can penetrate to all industrial market segment in Thailand .

As follows are company products and technical service detail.

1. Authorized dealer in Thailand concerned high standard product Adaptaflex flexible conduits from United Kingdom with Low fire Hazard (LFH), Halogen free, Low smoke and Non toxic . which applications for machines building, Automation processes construction , Railway ,Train and Truck Harness wires. From this point we penetrate to Electrical instrument wiring expert with system integration both installation, calibration on field till test run certified .

2.Authorized dealer in Thailand from Akzo Nobel Co.,Ltd. both Car Refinished Paints, Marine Product and Industrial protective coating (International Product) for corrosion prevention both offshore and onshore which concerned on Epoxy Paint type, Enamel Paint type for construction steel structure and epoxy self leveling system for cement floor including paint for building structural.

3. Boiler,Heat Exchanger, Cooling Tower scale prevention system installation without chemical used, product based from Switzerland and USA.. We also serve our customer on boiler periodic maintenance, installation and cleaning. Service job be covered all facility and utility system like cooling tower, water and waste water treatment system both maintenance , installation and construction .

4. Automation machine or automation line design, construction ,installation automate processes manufacturing as integration line concerned to optical automation inspection and Pick and Place machine. We also provide customers with microscope and all Optical measurement system. (SEM, AFM)

With the excellent support from our clients bring us penetrate to many fields of client, at present we enroll in Energy development with environmental Friendly concerned on Renewal Energy you can reach us at product line chart:

With our confidence and strongly service mind level on technical knowledge we confident to serve the highest benefits to all clients with excellent performance.